Camps for 8 – 10 year olds

Congratulations, you have made it! You are now a fully fledged Semi-Pro which means the world is your oyster. All children who attend our camps, who are 8 years and over can access pretty much all our Additional Activities including those run off site. Each holiday we will provide you with the most varied & interesting programme of sports and activities we possibly can. We can offer over 30 different sports & we also work with local providers to bring you activities & experiences which you might have never tried before.

For our Semi-Pros it’s all about play, play, play! If you want to take the tempo down for the afternoon though, then there is also always the option of joining in with our weekly themed Art’s & Crafts should you choose.

Survival Steve is also on hand with his exciting and fascinating Bush Craft and Survival activities so there is literally no end to what you might experience during a day/week at our camps. It’s going to be, it’s going to be exciting and we are going to challenge you to try new things, help you to learn new things and you will leave with a new level of confidence and knowledge across a wide range of sports and activities. For more information about our additional activities click here.

For the Parents

Please don’t worry, although we know they like to think they are all grown up 8, 9, even 10! We know that just because they are no longer a Rookie it doesn’t mean that they won’t need lots of support and some chill out time (or even a trip back into the Rookies room once in a while) if needed. If they are new to camp and are a little bit nervous about not knowing anybody, we operate a ‘buddy system’ where we can team them up with some of our more experienced guests to help them feel right at home.