In partnership with Elephant Counselling

Checking in with your child

When your child joins at High 5 Sports & Activity Camp, we consider far more than just their physical health.

We focus on their physical and mental wellness – with daily check-ins & a very soft and child-friendly approach to explaining how you feel.

We help give children the space to communicate how they are feeling, partnering with professionally qualified Matt Hyde from Elephant Counselling.

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Our approach

We work closely with Mindful Matt from Elephant Counselling to help support our staff and the children at camp to be able to better understand and communicate their emotions.

We have introduced a set of gestures and language which we hope all staff and campers easily understand. This means children can quickly identify how they are feeling and feel more confident to communicate it.

Our video from Matt explains more, have a watch for more.

How we communicate

Simple gestures

We use thumbs up, thumbs in the middle and thumbs down, combined with colour charts, to communicate with children and help them do the same with us

Soft touch

This is very much checking in with your child's wellness. We're not engaging in any deep counselling or therapy techniques that might be intimidating


We believe every child has the basic right to feel happy and enjoy camp with High 5. That's what our wellness check-ins are all about.

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