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Parents' Guide

Here you will find all the information that you might need about our camps. From what to bring on the first day, to picking your little ones up at the end of their High 5 adventure.

Please start by watching our short explainer video below which will give you an overview of how each site operates and how to book a place.

If you have any additional questions then have a read further down the page and we hope you will find the answers you are looking for.

Site contact numbers:

Plymouth College – 07471 323133
Elburton Primary – 07470 010248
Widey Court Primary – 07898 803540 
Pomphlett Primary – 07572 970808
Stover School – 07427 346509
Mount Kelly – 07471 015164
Stowford School – 07727 353213

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What to bring

Do bring

Don't bring

Securely checking your child in and out of camp

Drop off and collection

The safety of your child is paramount, and our commitment to safeguarding means that we operate a strict sign in and out policy.

All children will need to be signed in by you on arrival at camp.

You will be greeted by the Site Supervisor, who will welcome your child to camp. They will then be shown to their base camp by one of the High 5 team. Due to current policies around reducing contact, the Site Supervisor will sign your child in on your behalf.

No children will be able to leave site without being collected by one of the named adults from their booking form.  If you need to add additional people to your list of named adults for collection, please do this via the Parent Portal.

If you need to make alternative arrangements for their collection and are unable to update the Parent Portal, please ensure you notify us beforehand.

Site phone numbers are displayed at the main site entrance and can also be found on the bottom of your confirmation email and here in the FAQs section. 

If you have a problem then please call HQ on 01752 749990 and speak with someone of follow the instructions on the voicemail of who to call.

If you wish to collect your child before 4:30, or drop off after 9:30, then we need to know as the sites are secure and locked outside of specified drop off & collection times.

My child is really nervous about attending camp

Don’t worry, that’s natural! Our staff have years of experience dealing with nervous campers, and are very well versed at settling children in.

 We think carefully about how we place the children together to create the most inclusive experience for all. On their first day with us, we will give your child a tour of the base camp facilities, and (pre covid) parents were more than welcome to stay nearby until their child settles.

We also operate a buddy system to give more nervous children a trusted and encouraging friend for their day at camp.

We also run a wellness programme at many of our camps in collaboration with Elephant Counselling, who help us with daily check-ins & a very soft and child-friendly approach to explaining how you feel. Read more by clicking below.

What happens if I am late to collect my children?

Our hours of opening are (currently) 8:30am–4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Staff are scheduled to leave our sites at 5:00pm, so please ensure you pick up no later then 4:30pm. If you are running a few minutes late then please call ahead so we can pre warn your child. 

If a child is regularly collected later than 4:30pm, we reserve the right to charge a late collection fee of £10 for every 15 minutes as staff will have to stay later to complete their other duties so will need to be paid.

Of course, we understand that circumstances are sometimes out of your control – we just ask that you keep us informed. In return, we will keep your child safe and entertained until you can collect them

Health & Safety

Yes, each of our sites is on the voluntary register with Ofsted

High 5 is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Safer recruitment is central to the way we work and all staff and volunteers are expected to share our commitment to safeguarding, always creating an environment where young people feel safe and can thrive.

We trust that you will give us as much information as possible about any medical condition your child has before camp starts – please share full details on your account at the time of booking.

All information will remain confidentially held at your venue. For further information, please read our Additional Needs Policy.

Bumps and scrapes happen from time to time.

Each camp has at least one first aid qualified coach who can make an assessment, deliver first aid and ensure your child is okay.

Whenever first aid is administered, a form will be completed detailing exactly what happened and the action taken – and this will be discussed with you at the end of the camp day. If a more serious incident or accident occurs, we will contact you immediately.

We have tried and tested policies in place to ensure your child is safe on camp, and serious incidents are extremely rare.

We have comprehensive policies and procedures relating to bullying, child protection, behaviour and complaints. 

These are available at request.

Other forms of payment

We accept Government Tax Free Childcare, Childcare Vouchers and Student Grant Funding to pay for your child’s place at camp. We are also able to provide invoices to claim on Universal Credits.  

All Ofsted information and our childcare voucher provider numbers are shown below:

Voucher type
Widey Court
Mount Kelly
Plym College
China Fleet
TQ12 6QG
PL19 0HZ
PL21 0BG
PL12 6LJ
Ofsted reg
Unique ID number

If your childcare voucher provider is not listed in the table above, please either nominate us to register with them or get in touch with the office and we should be able to make an application to them.

Some of our voucher providers are registered using the postcode PL3 4NU. So, if the postcode in the table above doesn’t work, please try re-entering using PL3 4NU.

Yes, as we are registered with Ofsted at each of our sites, we can accept a number of different voucher schemes as payment for the camps.

If you have used these types of schemes before, then please contact our office to notify us that this is how you will be making payment –  and then activate them as usual.

If, however, you are unsure if we can accept a voucher, or if you have not used vouchers in the past, then please contact the office and our friendly team will assist you.

Please ensure all voucher payments are actioned well in advance so we have received the payment prior to your child attending for their first day with us for any given holiday. High 5 reserves the right to request alternative payment methods if we have not received payment when your child arrives at camp.

Please still complete your booking online via the book now button on our website. One of the registration questions will ask “how do you want to pay for your booking?” – select vouchers and then add in the voucher provider’s name in the box below. It will then notify you that you need to use the code VOUCHER100 on checkout.

When you reach the checkout page, there is a box which says ‘apply code’ type in Voucher100 into it and click apply. You will see this clears the balance in your cart.

Remember to still go to the bottom of the page and checkout (this is very important otherwise your booking will not be completed).

Once you have checked out, contact your voucher provider and action the voucher payment. Please make sure you keep a record of the total amount to transfer!

Use your child’s name and the site as the reference. When you pay by voucher payment, please put your child’s surname as a reference on your voucher transfer so that we can easily identify it.

All payments need to be actioned at the time of booking your place on the camps. If you are unable to make this transfer at the time of booking then please contact info@high5sportscamps.co.uk

High 5 reserves the right to request an alternate payment method if the voucher payment has not been received when your child arrives for their first day at camp.

For further information or assistance, please call us on 01752 749990.

Yes, we accept the student grant funding to pay for your child’s sessions with us. Book through our website clicking on the ‘Book Now’ tab. Follow the steps to enroll your child at your selected camp.

On the checkout page add the voucher code STUDENT85 – then you can pay the remaining 15% of your total basket amount. You then need to link your child to the correct site on the CCG website here using our reference code. See details below:

Widey Court – CCG9483965
Stover – CCG6744373
Mount Kelly – CCG3546829
Pomphlett – CCG5869444
Plymouth College – CCG8984978
Elburton – CCG2579438
Stowford – CCG7575859

We need you to link your child so that we can go onto the CCG account and request the funding to be sent over to us.

Yes, we accept the Government Tax Free Childcare to pay for your child’s sessions with us. Book through our website clicking on the ‘Book Now’ tab. Follow the steps to enroll your child at your selected camp.

The unique ID number for each site is as follows:

Stover – 50031130755
Mount Kelly – 50031465951
Plymouth College – 50089106105
Elburton – 50084474475
Pomphlett – 50068210906
Stowford 50099032937
Widey Court – 50105345199

Making and changing bookings

If your child is sick and too unwell to attend camp, please call our head office on 01752 749990 who will inform the Site Supervisor. They will also be able to advise you on the best time for your child to return to camp to prevent other children becoming ill.

We encourage parents to take out our customer protection plan (CPP). CPP should be taken at the time of making the original booking and is charged at £3.00 per child per day.

With CPP this allows you, should you need to cancel part or all of your booking, to have your account credited for the full days you will not be attending. Only full days will be credited back to your account.

CPP is not a form of insurance and does not act as any form of cover for, or insure your child against personal accidents or injuries and does not act as any form of insurance for personal property.

We are able to change your dates within the same operating season, provided that we have spaces and you request your change at least seven days before camp begins.

After this time, staffing levels have been arranged so no refunds or credits can be given unless you have taken our Customer Protection Plan in advance.

A standard day must be booked with the additional activities being booked as a special add-on to your day at camp. During Covid all activities are factored into the cost of a day at camp and we encourage everyone to try everything. However, you can opt out of these extra activities on the day if you really do not fancy them.

You will receive a booking confirmation email including ‘important links’ – which provides a link to your Parent Portal. Once you click manage your online account you will be sent to a log in screen. You will need to click the forgotten my password link to register for the first time.

Once this is done, you will have access to your own unique Parent Portal where consent forms, booking details and account information can be accessed.

High 5 Respect Guidelines

At High 5 we are all about filling children’s days with magical wow moments and creating timeless memories with their time spent with us in their holidays. For this to happen, we need to work in partnership with the young people and their respective adults, to ensure that everyone behaves in a way which allows us to work together towards this common goal.

Occasionally, things don’t go according to plan, and to support everyone with making the right choices, and to ensure we can all work together for the best outcomes for all children who attend our camps, we have included some of our key policies around behaviour, supporting children with Hidden differences and the expectations for all children attending our camp. In addition, our safeguarding policy and statement of intent is also included.

Covid-19 frequently asked questions

All members are asked to declare that their household is showing no signs of Covid-19 symptoms prior to attendance. Our staff are trained on the symptoms of Covid-19 and will isolate the child and call their parents for collection.

We will provide reminders of the government guidance when showing symptoms.

If we (High 5) have to cancel a camp this year, you will be entitled to a full credit or transfer to another site. We will work with you on your preferred choice.

We will email you regarding the cancellation and include details of how to claim your refund.

To ensure we can observe social distancing and due to our Bubble System, our total numbers on camp have been reduced, so we advise to book as soon as you can to guarantee your place.

If we (High 5) have to cancel camp, you’ll be entitled to a full refund via the method you paid.

Where our camps are still going ahead, our standard cancellation policy applies. Further details can be found here

As many countries have travel restrictions in place and with the UK’s quarantine period, it is making it very difficult for international children to attend camp. However, if you have been able to travel and have quarantined as outlined by the UK government; we’re happy for children to attend (assuming our standard booking conditions are met).

Additional operating procedures for Covid-19

In response to the unique challenge of COVID-19, we have developed, tested and implemented COVID-specific operating procedures, and these are integrated into our standard operating procedures.

Our guiding principle for all policies and procedures is that we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Safer recruitment is central to the way we work and all staff and volunteers are expected to share our commitment to safeguarding, always creating an environment where young people feel safe and can thrive. COVID-specific procedures will be integrated into staff training, and our audit process to ensure they are adhered to.

Our three key principles

1. Follow social distancing guidelines

Following government guidelines, we will be operating in groups of up to 15 children, each group being led by the same coach throughout the week and separate from other groups. We have reduced the number of children, and incorporated COVID-adapted activities, staggered break-times, and a focus on being outdoors as much as possible.

2. Operate higher levels of hygiene

Children will be required to sanitise their hands when they arrive and be reminded to wash their hands throughout the day, not just when using the bathroom. Parents should pack hand sanitiser and tissues for their children. We will undertake regular cleaning of high-touch points and equipment.

3. Provide specific supervision

We want to ensure that everyone is able to have fun in a safe environment, so our staff will supervise hand-washing, monitor children for signs of infection and make sure that we’re complying with the latest government guidance.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

No. Children should bring a packed lunch and snacks for morning and afternoon breaks, in addition to a refillable drink bottle with their name on it.

Please note that, to ensure safety of those with a nut allergy, we do not permit peanuts or nuts of any kind on our premises.

£35 per day, which includes an additional activity, at no extra cost.

Annual Pass and Unlimited Memberships get you camps from £33 per day (plus lots of other benefits). 

Currently we are operating Bubbles of 15 kids maximum.

Wherever we can, children are grouped with other similar aged children. 

For our Rookies (ages 5-7) our ratios are 1:8

For children aged 8+, our ratios are kept to 1:10 – 12

Many children arrive not knowing other children, and part of attending High 5 is developing new friendships.

However, we do our best accommodate friend requests made at the point of booking, prior to arriving on camp. This isn’t always possible due to camp numbers and ratios. Movement between groups after the start of camp will be restricted due to our COVID-19 policies.

Child drop-off will occurs from 8.30-9.00 am, and collection from 4.00-4:30 pm. ​

You can arrive anytime within these windows, but please allow extra time due to our adapted registration and pick-up procedures.

Please don’t worry!  Often if you arrive after 9.30am, the venue may be closed for the safety of the children. If arriving after 9.30am, please call the number for the Site Supervisor displayed on the gate and the Supervisor can meet you.

If you’re running late at the end of the day, and you believe you’ll not arrive by 4:30pm, please call at your earliest convenience.

All of our staff undergo a thorough selection and preparation process including:

  • Interview, professional and personal reference checks
  • Registration and clearance with the Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) 
  • Online training courses
  • In-person induction
  • On-the-job mentoring
  • Performance evaluations and scoring

Any personal items brought to our camps or events are not the responsibility of High 5. While we do our best to make sure children’s possessions are kept safe, we cannot place any guarantees for lost or broken possessions.

Please label clothing, drinks bottles and lunch boxes. We take all lost property back to head office at the end of the camps, so ideally trying to collect from the venue when the camps are still open will be easiest for you.

If you need to contact your child whilst on camp, please call us on 01752 215 734 and we’ll contact the Site Supervisor directly on your behalf.

Our programmes are structured to bring the best out of every child and are timetabled to make the most of the facilities, the group dynamics and of course, the weather.

Our experienced leaders know exactly how to ensure children on camp get active whilst having lots of fun. Although children cannot choose activities, our range of active games means there’s lots they’ll love!

We’ll be outside as much as weather permits. Please ensure your child has clothing and shoes for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Additional Activities vary depending on the time of year. We will always publish the Additional Activities on the website well in advance for the upcoming holidays. These can be found by choosing the holiday period you want to know about from the ‘Upcoming holidays’ section.

If you want to make a booking for particular days then please follow the booking process for any given day and the additional activities will be displayed when the days are selected.

Currently all additional activities are included in the cost for the days and all campers take part due to COVID-19 restrictions.

High 5 understands its responsibility to ensure positive attitudes to diversity and difference – not only so that every child is included and not disadvantaged, but also so that all children learn from the earliest age to value diversity in others and grow up making a positive contribution to society. Read our policy in full here

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