Here at High 5 we want to do everything we can to protect our marine wildlife and our beautiful local coastlines from plastic pollution. Our oceans are slowly turning into a plastic soup and the effects on ocean life are chilling.

As a Surfer’s Against Sewage Beach Clean Kit winning school we will join forces with Discovery Surf School to form an unstoppable OCEAN GUARDIAN TEAM this summer, protecting the beautiful stretch of coastline from Bovisands to Bigbury.

But we need your help! By combining the awesome people power of our coastal communities with our innovative new Ocean Plastic Emergency Kits we can together create a vital first line of defence against marine plastic pollution on our most loved beaches; providing havens for wildlife and beautiful spaces for everyone to enjoy.

We have arranged two stupendous Ocean Guardian Gatherings for families of our campers and after-school adventurers –

  • Sunday 17th June at Bovisands Beach
  • Saturday 14th July at Mothercombe Beach

All are welcome along to enjoy a day of beach cleaning, family games, rockpooling, friendship and fun. Our partners at Discovery are also hoping to join us! We will all work together to ensure that we remove and recycle as much plastic pollution as possible.

We will also be raising awareness across all of our social media platforms, shouting about your incredibly inspiring efforts and sharing our message as far and wide as we possible can help to help the Plastic Free Coastlines message reach people across the world!

It’s not too late – if we act together now we can protect the world’s precious oceans for future generations. If you would like to come along and get involved please give us a shout on our facebook page or email us at info@high5sportscamps.co.uk for details about meet times and locations.