COVID-19 Latest Information

We are pleased to now have the go ahead to be able to offer camps for the school summer holidays 2020.  We have sent emails out to everyone but of course there are questions.

Below are the main questions which we suggest that you have a look through before contacting us.

However if you do have any further questions please contact us.

We have been communicating with our venues and also using the feedback from all of you via our surveys to shape our plans for this summer. We have tried our best to accommodate you so although we have space available now, it is limited and filling up fast.

Our plan is that every day we will offer something which would usually be on our Additional Activity list. The cost of these has been absorbed into the fee for each day as we cannot complicate days by having children opting in and out of different activities.

As mentioned above, each day includes an additional activity which will require specialist extra equipment or instructors. We have also had to reduce our staff to child ratios considerably to be in line with current government guidance. We also have to factor in the cost of PPE for first aid, cleaning and hand sanitising products and also additional cleaning costs which are all on top of what we usually have to fund! Don’t even get us started on all the extra paperwork and risk assessments!!!!

It is very unlikely we will be able to open up any extra spaces at a site. If you need a day/ bubble which is full then please add yourself to the waiting list but we can’t promise anything.

No, once you choose either the week or the days that you want these are yours for the duration of the bubble you select.
Eg. If you book a Wednesday, then you have every Wednesday we are open and this place is yours and cannot be resold to anyone else.

We decided to not open Fridays because it gives us a natural 72-hour window between the camps operating so cleaning and quarantining of equipment can take place. Also 90% of our survey responses said you could manage with no Fridays on offer.

Supervised free play is the most ‘free range’ part of the days and so we felt this was very difficult to manage in terms of social distancing and also equipment for these times is usually shared amongst lots of children so was tricky to manage and so didn’t feel safe.

Based on the government guidance which states, keep children in consistent groups during camps we feel you would have a good case to request the same consistent days each week over the summer as this is what the government have suggested our holiday camps offer.

We are spending lots of time updating our policies, risk assessments and reading lots of government and NGB guidance to ensure the camps are delivered to the highest of standards. Our staff, your children and your safety is our top priority and we will be doing everything we can to keep you safe and well. With all that considered, we have all our usual insurance in place but do not have insurance to cover us for contracting COVID-19 so we have to ensure that you are aware of the possible risks when sending your children to the camps this summer.

This will vary for each site. Once your booked on we will send out further details.

This will vary from site to site so please book now and we will send through further details over the upcoming week.

Opening the bookings has been our top priority so we will be back in touch with all the details about what to bring very soon.

Paid for Easter with debit/credit card – please book as usual the credit is on your account and will be automatically deducted or the system will ask if you wish to use it.

Paid for Easter with Vouchers – please book using the code CREDIT100 on checkout. Make a note of your basket total before using this code (important) then scroll to bottom of page and checkout. Once you have done this email admin@high5sportscamps.co.uk and explain what you have booked, what you spent at Easter (if you know) if not you can find it on your voucher providers account but we also have a record here. Then we can confirm the amount of voucher payments we have for you already paid and will email back the total amount to transfer for the summer booking.

Please use checkout code VOUCHER100, make a note of your basket total before checking out (scroll to bottom of page to checkout) then please action the vouchers as soon as possible.


We need your vouchers to be cleared in our bank before your child attends the camp so please do this at your earliest convenience.