February Half Term 2022

Give your little adventurers something epic to look forward to in 2022 by booking your place at our super-powered High 5 Holiday Camps this February Half Term.

From February 21-25, we’ll be treating children with our ‘Fantasy Feb’ themed camps, which will be fired up with all things magical, mystical, and super!

Join our team for five fabulous days of coached sports, adventurous activity, art, and fun – as well as a whole host of extra activities which are ALL included in the price.

Our February Half Term camps will allow your children’s imaginations to go wild – and we cannot wait to show you what we’ve got planned!

We’ll be getting our creative juices flowing with amazing art projects including Magic Monday, for all your budding wizards, witches and fairies.

We’ll also have Toothless Tuesday, featuring everyone’s favourite dragon; Wizard Wednesday, embracing the wonderful world of Harry Potter; and Thor Thursday. After all, not all superheros wear capes!

We also have a super fun and exciting range of extra activities planned, from our Jedi Training Academy, to our Superhero Day, PLUS Fortnite Nerf and even a Disney Disco!

We’re proud to say that at our Plymouth & Devon February Half Term holiday camps, the amazing team at Elephant Counselling will be helping our staff with daily wellbeing checks.

Led by Matt Hyde, the lovely Elephant people are helping us build a fantastic Fantasy February programme that’s far more than childcare, giving them the most incredible time in 2022.

Plus, we’ll be going to great lengths to make sure your child’s experience is as Covid-safe as possible. We’re cleaning and sanitising as much as possible while spending as much time outside as we can.

Places are available at Mount Kelly, Plymouth College, Elburton Primary School, Stover School and Widey Court. Click the link on this page to book yours.

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Fantasy February Extra Activities

Disney Disco

1. Disney Playlist at Each Site

2. Party Games, Statues, Bumps, Dance Off

3. Kick Darts Games / Slide Castle / Disco Dome

4. Slide Castle has Disney Princess Murals and also Star Wars for Jedi Day (stover)

Fortnite Nerf

1. Stealth & Creep (to the coach)

2. Capture Flag from Coaches (armed with nerf guns)

3. Face Paint Lightning Slash

4. Fortnite Dances – Get them doing these (coaches to swat up!)

5. You have the Small Arena and some Fortnite Character Décor and Camo

Fantasy Football

1. Kick Darts Games or Goal with shooting targets

2. Team Challenges (fantasy teams/players)

3. Dribbling and Passing Activities

4. Mini Matches

Jedi Training

1. Stealth: Capture the flag games (like fortnite nerf)

2. Weapons Training: Nerf Target Games and Attack the Storm Troopers standing, kneeling and lying to shoot

3. Lightsaber Battles: Choreography, not whack each other. Practice and demo to group. (coaches swat up)

4. Hand to Hand: Taekwondo Routine link to follow

Use Jedi Robes as much as possible and get lots of pics

Everyone gets a named certificate to say they passed The Jedi Training Academy

Superhero Day

1. Superhero Names & Design Name Badges

2. Superhero Team Sports Competitions Throughout the Day

3. Choose a Superhero Game (details to follow)

4. In groups design a life-sized superhero (draw around someone) then decorate and add their superpowers. Present to other groups and explain why they have the powers they have.

5. Individual Superhero Sheets to take home

6. Superhero Colouring for Rookies

7. Real Life Super Hero Sheets

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