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Activities for all ages

For over a decade we have been providing each and every young person an action-packed camp experience full of creative challengessports, outdoor activities and confidence-building adventures.

Our sites are registered with Ofsted to ensure you as parents can rest assured we are completely committed to providing the highest standards of safety and childcare for your children when they attend our holiday camps.

Being based in Devon means we are blessed with some amazing green spaces to run our camps from and this allows us to offer an incredibly diverse range of sports and activities to all the children who join us.

We cater for 5-12 year olds and design different activities for each age group at our individual camps and programmes.

We also provide special camps for 3-4 year olds at Plymouth College and Widey Court Primary. Click below for more info.

5-7 year olds - the Rookies

Our youngest High 5 campers, we call our five to seven-year-olds the ‘Rookies’ – as we recognise that being away from parents can be a new and sometimes daunting experience for these children.

Which is exactly why we ensure that our Rookies staff are specialists in Key Stage 1 childcare, with Childcare, Play work or Qualified Teacher Status. We also have multiple staff who hold Paediatric First Aid qualifications, ensuring that your children are in the safest possible hands.

As a family-run business with young children of our own, we recognise the importance of helping all children develop their body awareness and core skills, essential to help kids become proficient in physical activity and play.

Studies show that developing these skills over time leads to a level of self-belief and confidence in their own abilities, skills which will set them up well for the rest of their lives.

Each week at camp we deliver small bite size chunks of “Ronnie Heath’s, FUNdamental Multi Skills Activity” as well as teaching basic First Aid, Expeditions Skills, Knot and Rope Work and Mountain Medicine on top of all the other fun, exciting and varied sports and activities that each week at High 5 has to offer.

8-9 year olds - the Semi-Pros

No longer a Rookie? You are now a fully fledged Semi-Pro which means the world is your oyster!

All campers who are eight years and over can access pretty much all our additional activities, including those which run off-site.

We offer over 30 different sports on-site, as well as working with local providers to bring new activities and experiences for children to try for the very first time.

If high-octane sports is not your child’s thing, though, we also offer creative pursuits, including weekly-themed Arts and Crafts.

Survival Steve is also on hand with his exciting and fascinating Bush Craft and Survival activities, so there is literally no end to what you can experience on any given day at High 5!

While our Semi-Pros are a little more independent, we know that first-day nerves can affect us at all ages, which is why we operate a ‘buddy system’ – where we can team campers up with some of our more experienced guests to help them feel right at home.

10-12 year olds - the Pros

Our older campers, already attending secondary school (or on the way there pretty soon!), are pretty independent.

We understand that, and so our ‘Pro’ age group are handed much more freedom to express themselves, and pursue the activities which interest them most.

That said, our excellent team of coaches and leaders will still encourage our Pros to step outside of their comfort zones, help them see there is more to life than a smart phone, and get stuck into the massive range of sports and activities we have available for them to try.

11 – 14 year old campmates get access to their own common room, separate from the younger age groups.

It comes complete with a Bottle Flipping Tower Challenge, a table tennis table and a sound system, so campers can play their own music choices during breaks (subject to approval by the lead coach!).

Our goal is help all campers to experience things they might have never tried before, to achieve things they didn’t initially believe possible – and, most importantly, to create memories and friendships to last a lifetime!

Sport Monitors

The senior figures at camp, we provide our Sport Monitors with an opportunity to gain experience and responsibility at High 5 by assisting our staff with activities.

We blend the fun of all their fav activities from a day at camp with valuable mentoring opportunities – perfect for teenagers interested in becoming sports leaders, coaches, or even teachers in the future.

They get a T-shirt, coach who acts as their mentor, regular feedback and a written report and certificate at the end of their time with us. Minimum time spent at the camps is one full week to be a part of this programme, with the benefits being superb for helping grow their confidence and also to get a taste for what working with children is really like.

One of our proudest achievements is seeing our High 5 campers develop into positive and enthusiastic adults – and through this programme some have even gone on to become coaches working within the business which makes us so happy to see!

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