Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your hard work with Patrick over the past 3 years. He started as someone who didn’t get picked for sports in the playground and you have worked wonders with him. He loves being outdoors, loves sports, tied an overhand something or other with the rope Steve gave him in the car on the way home and now he loves playing for his local football team.

Katharine & Johnny, Happy Parents

Hi Ben, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your fab team at Stover for allowing Oscar to experience his best-ever school holiday. He’s had a blast and I’ve been able to relax, safe in the knowledge that you guys ‘got’ him. He is beaming and his self esteem and confidence are at the highest they’ve been for yonks. All credit to everyone at High5. See you in half-term… and thank you again.

Nikki and Joe, Happy Parents

I just would like to take the time to thank you for providing my son with a wonderful summer yet again this year. He does not in any way see High 5 Sports Camps as childcare and loves every minute. This relieves my guilt of having to work in knowing that he is having an amazing time. His highlights this summer were surfing, canoeing, fencing, dodgeball and capture the flag. You make it all so easy, from booking to travelling to having a jolly good time. Thank you High 5 we think that you are awesome.

Laura, Happy Mum

We have worked with High 5 for a number of years now. They have always delivered fun and exciting activities to our groups. The students love the sessions that High 5 run for them. The coaches are always very professional and manage the session really well.We look forward to working with them again this year and into the future.

Marisa Gregor, Owner of Anglo-Spanish Conexions Language School

At camp I love the fun activities like Basketball, Rounders. I love it here. The basketball coach is called Russ and he always has fun activities to do. We played Rounders and it started to rain so everyone got to a small shelter but some people went for a run in the pouring down rain, most people got soaked it was so fun then everyone got in the room we have. Then we played on the Wii and cards and watched the Wii. Stover camp is so fun there is so many things.

Rowena, 8 years old

It was the best Summer Holiday I have ever had. I enjoyed it so much because you were always active and the coaches are really nice and they are full of fun. My favourite activities were den building, capture the flag, tennis, trampolining, badminton and table tennis. The worst bits are when I got stung by a wasp and when the holidays were over. Apart from that it was the best summer ever. Thank you very much for letting me have so much fun

Jack, 9 years old

We’ve been at Stover for 4 weeks! When we first arrived we were given a guided tour of the school. The school grounds are clean and beautiful and there are a lot of trees and nice surroundings. We had a really good English teacher and we have learned a lot. The Summer Camp “High 5” was great. We did a lot of fun activities, including, surfing, paddle boarding and horse riding. We also took trips to the beach and Key West Water Park. The High 5 coaches are fun, energetic and very friendly. We will miss Stover (especially the school food!) and we will take back fond memories of our time spent here.

Lara & Laura, 13 year old twins from Zurich, Switzerland who attended the International Camps

High 5 is a great Summer Camp, it’s very funny. My favourite games are: Capture the flag, the wall, surfing and den building. I had a good time here.

Leyre, 12 years old, Cintruenigo, Spain

I came to the camps because I kept on hearing people talking about them so I came and really enjoyed it. I would love to come again and my favourite must be volleyball and badminton as I was good at them, also American football was good because I had never played it before.

Robyn, 10 years old