Why Choose High 5 this summer?

Why Choose High 5 this summer? 3 different camps for 3 different age groups

Last time we emailed you we offered you some advice about what’s important when choosing a holiday camp provider.

The age of your children has a big impact on what they will require from their holiday camp experience.

Here is what we offer at High 5 Sports Camps. We hope you find this both useful and informative.

5 – 7 year Olds; a.k.a The Rookies

We know it’s a big deal leaving your children anywhere for the day. We know that you would prefer to keep them with you. It’s a long day for them, will they make friends, will they have fun, are they going to miss you?

We have children of our own and so we understand it is a really big decision, who you entrust with your most precious possession. Please rest assured we do not take the responsibility of caring for your children during school holidays lightly.

We are Ofsted registered so we are fully aware of and up to date with the latest guidelines for ensuring we provide the best levels of care at our camps. The facilities here are superb and fully secure and whenever we leave the HQ to go and enjoy the fantastic grounds, we always head count before leaving and upon arrival at our destination so we keep a very close eye on all the children in our care.

Our very experienced staff are made up of professional sports coaches, teachers and trainee teachers who will deliver fun and exciting sports sessions, interesting and challenging activities along with themed Arts & Crafts. As well as offering over 30 different sports for the children to all experience we also teach basic Emergency First Aid, Knot Tying, Shelter Building, Fire Lighting & Wild Cooking. We know our camps will offer something to excite & intrigue every child who joins us.

We recognise the special opportunity our camps provide us with to help our youngest guests develop their core agility, balance & coordination skills and we help all the children to practice these through the 30+ different sports, fun filled games and activities we offer.

If your children regularly join us at camp, we will be able to help develop their confidence, proficiency and abilities cross a wide range of sports and activities.

8 – 10 year olds: a.k.a The Semi Pros

You have made it, you are now a fully fledged Semi-Pro which means the world is your oyster. You can access all our Additional Activities including those run off site. Each holiday we will provide you with the most varied & interesting programme of sports and activities we possibly can. We can offer over 30 different sports & also work with local providers to bring you activities & experiences which your children might have never tried before. For our Semi-Pros it’s all about play, play, play! If you want to take the tempo down for the afternoon though, then there is also always the option of joining the Rookies for our themed Art’s & Crafts should you choose.

Survival Steve is also on hand with his exciting and fascinating Bush Craft and Survival activities so there is literally no end to what your children might experience during a day/week at our camps. Please don’t worry though, although they like to think they are all grown up, we know that just because you are no longer a Rookie doesn’t mean that you won’t need lots of support and some chill out time (or even a trip back into the Rookies room once in a while) if needed.

11 – 15 year olds; a.k.a The Pros

Your older, you already attend secondary school, you don’t really need to be looked after anyway, your pretty independent. We get that and so please believe us when we say you will not be treated the same way as the younger groups at camp.

We have loads of different sports on offer and we will encourage you to step outside of your comfort zones, put away the smart phone, leave the games controller alone for a bit and get stuck in to the massive range of sports and activities we have available for you to try.

You get your own room which none of the younger groups can access. It comes complete with a Bottle Flipping Tower Challenge, your own table tennis table and a sound system so you can play your own music choices during breaks. Music is of course subject to approval by your lead coach!

We will ask a bit more from you in terms of responsibilities for both choosing your daily activities and getting the equipment organised to take out for the sessions and you have some activities that nobody else gets to play.

The coaching and support we provide will help to bring out the best in you and boost your confidence & self-belief, both of which are hugely important traits for young developing people.

Our goal is help all of you to experience things you might have never tried before, to achieve something you didn’t believe you could do & most importantly to create memories and friendships to last you a lifetime!

Book your place now folks for Summer 2017, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Additional Activities

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