5-7 year olds are happy at popular sports and activity camps

Things to consider when choosing a Holiday Club

There is an awful lot of different companies now offering provision for your children during school holidays.

With so many different options available, it can be tricky to decide who to choose.

We have so many amazing memories from our summer holidays growing up. It used to seem like you were off school for an eternity and those long sunny days and fun trips and activities with friends make a lasting impression on young minds.

With these memories in mind, we have tried to offer a few key areas to consider when deciding where your children should spend their summer holidays.

1. Are they registered with Ofsted?

Either on the voluntary or compulsory register being registered with Ofsted shows that a provider really cares about providing the highest standards in childcare and safeguarding for your children. They will also have been regularly inspected to ensure that their provision and all staff meet the required standards. If you want peace of mind then choose an Ofsted registered provider.

2. Who will be leading the activities at camp?

Working with children requires a certain skill set and personality. Delivering high quality sports coaching takes years of practice. Being able to offer a well-rounded programme, in an environment that helps and encourages the children to learn and grow is no easy task and cannot be created without a carefully chosen team of staff and lots of prior planning.

3. What will your children be spending their days doing? Will they be happy, will they make friends, will they want to go back?

                                    “I hope they won’t be bored!”

The school holidays are a precious time for children and they should be able to look back on them with fond memories. Ensuring that the provider and programme on offer is as diverse, exciting and age appropriate as possible really does matter.

4. How much time will they spend outside?

Outdoor learning and learning through play have both been proven as excellent stimulus for children. Getting them outdoors as often as possible and having access to plenty of outdoor space should be a big focus, especially over the summer months!

5. Does the provider care about making a difference?

Does the provider realise what an important responsibility they have, to ensure they help make a positive impact on the children and young people who come and access their camps? Do they have a defined set of core values and a mission statement that they are working from and that all staff understand and believe in these values?

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