Schools Out

Schools out; how to keep your clan occupied, engaged, active & having fun without the use of TV, tablets or smart phones this summer!

Schools out, the holidays have arrived which means you still have another 4 weeks to keep your children occupied, engaged, active and having lots of fun.

The summer holidays should be a time for creating lifelong memories of long sunny days filled with adventures and activities which challenge and excite your children’s young and developing minds and bodies.

At High 5 we recognise this and aim to ensure our programme of sports and activities are both fun, varied and challenging enough to ensure we have something for everyone.

Our team of staff are chosen for their skills and qualifications so your children get the best possible balance of support and guidance during their time with us.

There are lots of different providers you could choose to help you kids get the most out of their summer, but there is only one High 5 Sports Camps and if you choose to send them to us, you will find out why so many people pick us as their first choice of holiday activity provision.

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