We have an important responsibility and we take it very seriously

We have an important responsibility and we take it very seriously

Since 2010 our lives and our holiday camps have evolved. We realise we have an important responsibility and we take it very seriously.

Watching our own brood of young children grow, take their first steps and start to make their way into this big, crazy world, we have realised that we have a very special opportunity here at High 5.

We are on a very important mission, to help inspire the next generation to believe in themselves and to help them develop their confidence and abilities by introducing them to and then teaching them about a huge variety of different sports and activities.

Yes, we are Ofsted registered meaning we offer the very best in standards of care, but outside of this we are free to fill their school holidays with the most fun, exciting and interesting programmes. Bringing them action packed days full of opportunities which most schools just don’t have the time or accessibility to offer during the academic term.

We want to help your children to grow and learn about themselves, by offering them activities, sports and challenges that will translate to real, practical life skills helping to positively shape their futures.

It is such an exciting opportunity that we promise to work as hard as we can to help inspire, excite and enthuse your most precious gift and open their eyes to the incredible opportunities that this life can offer.

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