Our Favourite Quote and why we love it

Our Favourite Quote and why we love it.

Everyone is a genius but if you tell a fish to climb a tree it will spend its life thinking it is useless.

We are all different, we all like different things, that’s what makes life interesting.

During the school holiday’s children need to be active, they need to have fun, they need to let off steam. So, what if they can do that in an environment that is not only safe, secure and naturally beautiful but also under the watchful eye of a carefully picked team of sports coaches and outdoor activity enthusiast who are all on hand to help them find something that really ignites an interest and a passion inside them.

That is why we are here. We assure you what we offer is not simply the same as all the others.

We have a special mission and we take our role very seriously.

If your kids spend time with us then we will find something that lights that fire within them. Come and join us and let us start to inspire them.

The Summer Holidays are almost upon us and we have put together the best possible program of activities to challenge, excite and entertain your children.

Here is a link to all the Additional Activities for both sets of holidays

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